Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Contouring (My Way)

Someone requested I do a contouring tutorial so I thought I'd show everyone the way I do it! I filtered the photos so the bronzer I apply to my face would be easier to see. I put together a second collage so you can visually see where to apply what. First I apply my primer, foundation, and face powder. Then I'll take my pro long wear concealer by mac and apply it under my eyes down to my cheek bones. As well as the middle of my forehead and chin. I feel like its most affective when I blend the concealer out with my finger. After I blend out my concealer I'll add  "mineralized skinfinish" in "light" by mac on top of the areas I added concealer. I would recommend having the powder because it helps the concealer from creasing. On top of the powder I'll add my Mac mineralize skin finish in "soft and gentle" I put it on my cheek bones & on my nose. It helps give you more of a glowing, dewy look. After that you can already see the darker and lighter areas of my face which helps when applying bronzer. I'll then add Hoola bronzer by benefit right under my cheek bones, the sides of my forehead, and the top of my forehead. It might feel weird to put bronzer on your forehead but I promise it makes a difference for the better. Lastly I'll add a soft pink blush to the apple of my cheeks. Voilaaa! I'm not saying this is the right way to do it, but it's just the way I do it! hope it helps! xo!

Monday, December 8, 2014

J-Crew Neck & Ear Candy

New Years and Christmas always means wearing something that's a showstopper that'll have you be turning heads all night. Instead of wearing a dress full of sequins wearing a statement necklace can be just enough glitz for the holiday season. I lucked out and went to J-Crew on black friday when they were having a %50 off sale! I was in heaven guys. Each necklace from there is usually around $50 but I got them for around $25! If anyone got those deals props to you cause they were fabulousssss!
Although they aren't doing that sale anymore you can still go out and get their sparkling necklaces. J-Crew necklaces are my favorite because they aren't as cheap looking and they always look so classy. Here are a few things I grabbed that I have not stopped wearing since I bought and surprisingly go with so many outfits I put together!! xo!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ulta Perfume Deal!

So like always I was going to buy a new Viva La Juicy bottle (since i'm obsessed with it) and I found they have two deals going! When you buy Juicy Couture perfume it comes with thee cutest hot pink bag!! You also get a free robe when you buy a fragrance purchase of $40 or more!! So I'd def say this was a score...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Must Have Primer!

I have been going through a few different face primers and I stumbled upon this beauty!! I LOVE that it is a pore filler and primer all in one. It also has a little bit of a tint to it so if you were going for a make-up less day but you still wanted soft skin, you could just put this on and you're ready to go! It is so so soft on my skin. I wish I could own a bucket of it. Although I love it, I do think it is overpriced for how much product you get. I do recommend you try this at least once because it is just that amazing. You can find it at Ulta!! xo!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Current Trend?!

Whether it's real fur or fake, there has been a trend of fur vests. This vest I found in a boutique up in Park City. Although it is fake fur it was around $130. I have seen cheap to expensive vests in multiple stores. From boutiques to stores in the mall they are becoming easier to find. I loved this vest because it's a very soft classy pink. The sweater underneath has sequins in it that unfortunately it didn't show up in the pictures. The downside of the sweater is that it's itchy! My next investment is going to be a long sleeved undershirt!! hehe.. xo!!

Friday, November 21, 2014


After looking at whats in this fall I've found that it is pastels!! I love it because I love soft classy colors!! These coats would both be so cute with a baggy turtle neck layered underneath. I would wear black torn jeans or just a plain pair of jeggings. Paired with a lovely nuded pair of pumps! Don't forget to accessorize! Pair with a cute black bag and a chunky necklace! xo!
Baby Blue Coat- 

Baby Pink Coat-

Similar Pair of Nude Pumps-$MR%2DTHUMB$

Baggy Turtle neck-

Thursday, November 20, 2014

25% Off Kate Spade/ Free Shipping

OKAY, I am so excited that I came across the Kate Spade website at the time I did because it just so happens that they are having a sale!! Sales make me so happy!! So I went through the website and picked a few items that I might end up ordering and that I thought were cute, especially for new years or Christmas! I Loved this bracelet cause I love gold first off, and I think it would be a cute Christmas present to buy for your best friend also!! I saw someone off of Sabo Skirt that had this same phone case and I loved it! So glad I found it! (Of course it's Kate Spade..DUH) I loved this placemat for our apartment cause it's just so fun and cute! Plus I love the colors! The earrings I saw off of Pinterest and thought they would be perfect for new years or even just a holiday party! The boots are a great boot because they are neutral and can go with everything! & that does it!!! NOW GO BUY! xo!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweater Weather

I love finding new boutiques!! The other day I discovered one that was also a salon. It is called Ella Bloom was s'cute! I found this tan sweater and not only is it adorbs but it's also super warm! Underneath was another sweater I found that I layered underneath. I paired this outfit with some cheetah-licous shoes!! They are Steven Madden and I purchased them from macy's!! The bag I am holding is from H&M and it was the best steal! Everyone asks me where I got it thinking it's some expensive brand. Whenever I tell them they're always in shock! It was about $30!! (Love it) Pants are from Stella (located back home in Fresno) The reason why I love them sooooo much is because of how cheap they were AND I just adore them overall. I'd even love getting few more pairs... So get out and go explore some new boutiques! You can always find the cutest things... whether its one shirt or multiple!! xo!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to be a good friend

I'm not saying I am the best friend out there...but I do feel like i've learned a few things over the past couple of years. Being a friend to me is being someone that another can rely on. Someone that uplifts you and helps you when you are in need.  Someone that is selfless rather than selfish. I've learned that the more selfless you are, the more people want you as a friend. Being a friend is being honest. Friends always want your honest opinion about things whether it's what they should wear or who they should date. To me, the MOST important thing about being a friend is being someone that is trustworthy. Someone that will do what they say and keep their promises. People want a friend that knows when to apologize. Admit if you think you have done something wrong. Don't be a friend that uses people. If you borrow or use something of theirs offer to give back. If a friend tells you something in confidence, don't go behind their back and share it with other people. Be supportive with anything they choose to do (with reason). A person wants a friend that has their back and encourages them instead of discouraging them.
Again, I'm not saying I do all of these things perfect all the time but these are the things I've learned from experiences!! xo!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Go Bold in the Cold

When it starts to get cold it starts getting gloomy, so instead of wearing dull muted colors wear a color that pops! Whether it's your lip color or outfit, bright colors are always a good idea. It is also a matter of picking the right colors that go together. You may not think that certain colors should go together but you would be surprised how great different patterns and different colors look together. These were clothes I've had for a while but decided to mix and match together. The Peacoat, top, and shoes I am wearing are from Macy's. My black leather skirt is from H&M. The clutch I am holding I found in a local boutique in Utah for 13 bucks!! My necklace is from Downeast Basics. I tried to pull things that had gold in them. (Since I'm obsessed with anything gold) I curled my hair with a straightener and once completing sprayed it with a new beach spray called "Not Your Mothers" I just started trying (Love it). You can get it from Ulta or at Walgreens for about $6! Not only does it smell good, but it really gives your hair that beachy finish! The lip color I'm wearing is my most rent purchase and it is a soft matte lip cream by NYX in the color "prague" and you can also find it at Ulta. I'm obsessed with it!! It's the perfect color that you must try!!! xo!

Long Full Perfect Lashes

Whenever I hear about things, I always have to try it myself. Sometimes my friends may love something, that I may not love so much.
With that being said, I heard about eyelash extensions...Most people may have heard of them but others may have not. Well i'm here to tell you, THEY'RE AMAZE-ZING. What they are exactly are false eyelashes that are glued onto your real eyelashes. Every false eyelash is individually glued to each one of your eyelashes. MHM that's right! So you're probably wondering how long it takes to get eyelash extensions?! Depending on who you go to, it could take from an hour to an hour and a half. Possibly longer! The more experienced girls tend to go faster and do a better job. Being in Utah, eyelash extensions are fairly popular so it is pretty easy finding an experienced girl to do them. Now the price of eyelash extensions can be pretty pricey. However like I said it just depends on who you go to. I've heard of them being done for $10-$150. Typically the more pricey they are, the better they turn out. When you get a full set they look good until 2-3 weeks later. (From eyelash growth & eyelashes falling off) Which means you do have to get a fill. The good thing about fills is that they are typically half the price of a full set. The bad thing is that you do have to keep up on your lashes and get them filled or else they don't look perfect!! There are so many reason why eyelash extensions are worth the money. First off, you wake up & you don't look like a dude!! You actually have eyelashes and they look perfect! Second, you don't need mascara, you may use it, but it isn't needed. Which leads me to another reason why they are a good idea. You can go swimming or take a shower and you don't get out looking like a raccoon or a dead zombie!! WARNING: If you start getting eyelash extensions you won't want to stop. SO, if you are ready to be committed then DO ITTT!
Here is a picture of the last set I got done and I LOVE them!
(Don't mind my ugly eyebrows I know they're bad!!!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Make-up Favorites

These are my top favorite makeup products that I use every single day...I've gone through so many different things but these are what I'm using at the moment cause I love them so The top left is a mascara by loreal & it's called "telescopic carbon black" can find it at any drug store & I actually prefer it over expensive brands..second is my Mac Pro long wear concealer.. I will NEVER stop using it.. it goes on so smooth & is great for contouring..I use it under my eyes every single day. The color I have is NW15. On top of that concealer I put on the powder below it. It's by Mac also & it's called "mineralized skinfinish" in "light". I have to put this on top of the liquid concealer or else my concealer tends to crease.. Next I LOVE my Mac mineralize skin finish in "soft and gentle" I put it on my cheek bones & on my nose..I'm obsessed w up is my Hoola benefit bronzer!! it's not too dark and I just luuuvv it. You can find it at Ulta.. Another must that I just started trying is my dipbrow by Anastasia in "Taupe" .. It's such a good eyebrow product that I also LOVE. You can also find it at Ulta. Lastly, I came across the brush on the top right by Nars online & decided to order it.. It's amazing to put on bronzer with. Although it was kinda pricey to order I love it let me know if any of this helped you guys!!! Xo


   Blogging always seemed so time consuming, but fun at the same time. I never thought I'd get myself to make my own but here I am!! People sometimes ask me about the makeup products I use or where I find certain clothes so I thought what better way to answer all their questions with a blog. Not only will it may help other people but I feel like its finally something I can put my time into that I love! So yay for blogging & watch for more posts, tips, & things that I obsess over!! xo!