Monday, March 14, 2016

Tattooed Eyebrows!!

Hello everyone!!

I know its been a while! I've been trying to focus more on school this past semester so that's why I haven't been blogging as much! I am definitely trying to change that though!

 I recently heard about permanent eyebrows and being the makeup lover I am I decided I would give it a try! I found Jordyn Yadon through Instagram and loved her work so I set up an appointment and also brought a photographer along so I could show/tell you guys more about the process!

So when you get there she asks you how dark you want them as well as how you want them shaped. She will then begin to put a numbing cream on your brows and let it sit. After you have picked the color brow you want she will start filling them in. This she is doing without a SoftTap needle so she can make sure she created the perfect shaped brow before starting. Once you approve, she will start tattooing your brows. It is nothing like an actual tattoo and the pain is about a 6/10. Towards the end it starts hurting a little more because she goes over each brow twice so it starts to become a little raw. When you are done she gives you ointment, an icepack, and an eyebrow brush. Your eyebrows that day will feel like they got sunburned and you will most likely feel a burning sensation. The next day isn't as painful and they look a lot darker larger than they will actually heal to be. If you feel like your brows look dramatic don't fret it is completely normal. It takes 4-5 days to get the results you are looking for and it will fade 40%. These permanent brows also last from 3-4 years so you will eventually need to touch them up. Jordyn also does brows in two sessions in case clients want a darker brow or if there are any sparse areas that need to be touched up. The second session is usually done four weeks after the first session.

Guys I can't tell you how much I love my brows! Jordyn did exactly what I wanted and it was so fun getting my brows done by her! It has been so nice to wake up in the morning and not have to fill them in. It really does change your face for the better! I will definitely continue to tattoo my's a must!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

XO, Chloe

Jordyn Yadon's Brow Instagram-@makeitpermanent
Photographer's instagram-@peacephoto