Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Eyeshadow Make-up Secrets

So like always I watch makeup tutorials and try to find new things I can do. Something that I watched that I surprising have been liking is using my blush and bronzer as an eyeshadow. I find that since I am blonde darker eyeshadows don't look as good on me so I decided to try using blush and bronzer. I do have a mac eyeshadow that is really similar to my bronzer but it's good to know that if I can't find my mac eyeshadow I can just use my bronzer! It has been a really good natural look. First i'll put my blush in the crease of my eye and i'll use a bigger blending brush that way it ends up going on very soft and blended. Then i'll take my bronzer and focus it more in the crease of my eye to give it more depth. Then I will pop a creamy white color in my inner crease and lower half of my lid. I will also put both of those colors underneath of my eye. (Where my bottom eyelashes are) I'll use the same bigger blending brush for the underneath also. Lastly i'll pop on some eyeliner and wing it out depending on if i'm using a black or brown eyeliner. Sometimes I prefer using a golden brown eyeliner. Put on some mascara and finish the rest of your face and you're all set!!

Xo, Chloe