Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Silver Wren Jewelry! LOVE.

I came across The Silver Wren when I was browsing on my favorite site!!(Etsy) I had to get a few pieces to share with all of my followers because her style is pretty similar to mine. Most of her jewelry ranges from dainty, layered, and elegant looks. It is created by a loving woman named Michelle. She and her team hand make and customize all orders. I put together a look with three of her pieces. I will put in a link with the pieces below!! The middle necklace I'm wearing says "Chloe."
 For those who are around me a lot usually see me wearing a necklace that says my name. I just love the font of this necklace and the way it looks sketched into the gold bar. It's so simple yet elegant. The top necklace is a delicate gold ring. The longest necklace is a long crystal necklace. This necklace seems to be especially in style right now!! I have different chains which each necklace which gives it more a variety and along with a layered look. On her site you can customize how long you want the necklace or what you want the necklace to say. She has so many other cute pieces that I will most likely be buying in the future!! 
Xo, Chloe

Monday, May 18, 2015

Self Tanner + Review

I always go back and forth between spray tans and tanning beds. I know, tanning beds are bad!! The only problems I had with getting a spray tan all the time were the prices of them, the smell, and dealing with the patchiness it eventually left me with. I recently stopped tanning in the beds and knew I would have to find an alternative to be tan eventually. I
The other day when I stopped by Ulta to grab some things I saw self tanner on the shelf. I always see a lot of makeup artists on YouTube use self tanner so I just decided to grab the one that looked the most efficient. The reason I picked this one is because I'm sort of scared of using a spray tan out of a can because I feel like if I happen to just spray it too close I'm not going to be able to fix it and make it look natural. So I picked a mousse that came with a mitt. I read reviews on it from ultas website and people didn't say that best things about it but I just wanted to try it for myself. Everyone likes different things and different things work for them. A complain they had a lot of the reviews was that they felt like it washed off and it left no color. Which was completely false for me. Everyone kept commenting that I looked super tan but if anything it could of been a little dark than not dark enough in my opinion. The good things people said about it was that it didn't really have a bad smell and it was pretty much odorless. I kind of agree on that but I felt like there was a smell when I was first applying it and it lasted until I washed it off. Once I washed it off I didn't notice a smell like I do when I get spray tans. 
The name of the tanner is NKD SKN by Vita Liberata. It's about $20 and the color I got was dark. The reason I got dark is because I feel like my skin never does well with lighter colors and I feel like this color worked out perfectly for me. You have to make sure you buy the one that isn't just a bronzer that washes off! Be sure to grab the one that says it lasts for about a week! I have worn the tan for 5 days now and I feel like the color looks like I just put it on yesterday. The only thing I can complain about was that when I was applying it I felt like it dried pretty quickly and it made it hard for me to rub out any streaks. However I did it fast enough to where it didn't streak on me. Once I applied it I left it on over night and washed it off in the morning. I also can't complain about the color because I think it was pretty close to perfect for a self tanner. A lot of people kept asking about it so I thought it was an overall great pick!! After my mom saw it on me she even went and stole it and put some on!! So this tanner definitely gets a thumbs up from me and I will for sure be using it until it's gone. 

Xo, Chloe

Monday, May 11, 2015

Marble Laptop Decal

So let's just say I'm OBSESSED with this laptop decal. I have seen it on Pinterest over and over and had to get my hands on it! The decals are being sold for only $25!! It is crazy to me how realistic it ended up looking on my laptop! It just comes as a sticker you peel off and put right onto your laptop and it is super easy to remove without residue. So all in all this is definitely a favorite of mine!! You can purchase them at
Please make sure to note in the comments when purchasing that you heard about it from All Things Chlo Xo!
Thanks loves!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
XO, Chloe