Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Contouring (My Way)

Someone requested I do a contouring tutorial so I thought I'd show everyone the way I do it! I filtered the photos so the bronzer I apply to my face would be easier to see. I put together a second collage so you can visually see where to apply what. First I apply my primer, foundation, and face powder. Then I'll take my pro long wear concealer by mac and apply it under my eyes down to my cheek bones. As well as the middle of my forehead and chin. I feel like its most affective when I blend the concealer out with my finger. After I blend out my concealer I'll add  "mineralized skinfinish" in "light" by mac on top of the areas I added concealer. I would recommend having the powder because it helps the concealer from creasing. On top of the powder I'll add my Mac mineralize skin finish in "soft and gentle" I put it on my cheek bones & on my nose. It helps give you more of a glowing, dewy look. After that you can already see the darker and lighter areas of my face which helps when applying bronzer. I'll then add Hoola bronzer by benefit right under my cheek bones, the sides of my forehead, and the top of my forehead. It might feel weird to put bronzer on your forehead but I promise it makes a difference for the better. Lastly I'll add a soft pink blush to the apple of my cheeks. Voilaaa! I'm not saying this is the right way to do it, but it's just the way I do it! hope it helps! xo!

Monday, December 8, 2014

J-Crew Neck & Ear Candy

New Years and Christmas always means wearing something that's a showstopper that'll have you be turning heads all night. Instead of wearing a dress full of sequins wearing a statement necklace can be just enough glitz for the holiday season. I lucked out and went to J-Crew on black friday when they were having a %50 off sale! I was in heaven guys. Each necklace from there is usually around $50 but I got them for around $25! If anyone got those deals props to you cause they were fabulousssss!
Although they aren't doing that sale anymore you can still go out and get their sparkling necklaces. J-Crew necklaces are my favorite because they aren't as cheap looking and they always look so classy. Here are a few things I grabbed that I have not stopped wearing since I bought and surprisingly go with so many outfits I put together!! xo!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ulta Perfume Deal!

So like always I was going to buy a new Viva La Juicy bottle (since i'm obsessed with it) and I found they have two deals going! When you buy Juicy Couture perfume it comes with thee cutest hot pink bag!! You also get a free robe when you buy a fragrance purchase of $40 or more!! So I'd def say this was a score...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Must Have Primer!

I have been going through a few different face primers and I stumbled upon this beauty!! I LOVE that it is a pore filler and primer all in one. It also has a little bit of a tint to it so if you were going for a make-up less day but you still wanted soft skin, you could just put this on and you're ready to go! It is so so soft on my skin. I wish I could own a bucket of it. Although I love it, I do think it is overpriced for how much product you get. I do recommend you try this at least once because it is just that amazing. You can find it at Ulta!! xo!