Monday, November 2, 2015

Dainty Layers Jewelry

Hi everyone!!
I hope you guys had a super fun Halloween! Now that Halloween is over, we get to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I can't wait to eat yummy food & to be cuddled up by the fire with my family!
This week I styled an outfit with a necklace I got from Dainty Layers Jewelry found on Etsy! I also got a coordinates bracelet that had the coordinates to where I am from (Fresno, California). I wore the bracelet a few times and misplaced it before I could shoot it and show all of you the cute thing!! I am so sad!! I am hoping it pops up somewhere in my room! In better news, I got to shoot my adorable three heart necklace! You can find both of these items on these links below. She has lots of SUPER cute jewelry in her shop so be sure to check everything out! She can also customize it to say anything you would like!!
xoxo, Chloe